Microwave Products Group

Connecting renowned brands with unrivaled technology and application expertise.

MPG York · BSC Brand Products

BSC designs and manufactures RF and microwave filters and related products in their new and expanded York, UK facility. Right first time manufacture, fast lead times and technically challenging solutions are underpinned by our world leading design tools, lean manufacturing philosophy and highly skilled teams.

Our reputation for world leading waveguide filter technology has expanded into cavity, lumped element and broad band suspended substrate filters and multiplexers. Applications are band-splitting, combining or band- definition in broad band systems typically covering DC to 40 GHz.

BSC’s waveguide filter technology extends to couplers, splitters, combiners, and conventional broad wall transitions. We also offer compact coax to waveguide transition solutions including our ultra-short end-launch and NANo ranges.

We are proud to be the filter manufacturer of choice for many of Europe’s defence and telecom system companies, whose engineers have come to rely on the seamless interaction with our team to develop winning solutions.

MPG Ventura · Dow-Key Microwave® Brand Products

Dow-Key is the established leader in the design and manufacture of products that route RF signals. Dow-Key offers Coaxial and Waveguide Switches, Low PIM (-160dBc) Products, Integrated Matrix Switching Solutions, and Custom RF Systems. Standard and custom designs are available from DC to 70 GHz with RF power-handling capability to 5kW, including items operating to 5 million switching cycles.

Dow-Key space-qualified products are world-renowned for their unique designs and superior reliability under demanding environmental conditions. These switches have contributed to the mission success of nearly 100 satellite and launch vehicle programs since 1972.

Dow-Key products are used worldwide by commercial, military, and government customers in a broad range of applications including space (launch vehicles, manned vehicles, and satellites), wireless, telecommunication, automated test equipment (ATE), avionics, ground-based satellite communication, and broadcasting.

For advanced signal control requirements, Dow-Key provides custom designed Rack Systems incorporating multiple Matrices, Controllers, and Amplifiers for complex transmit and receive switching functions.

MPG Salisbury · K&L Microwave® Brand Products

For over 50 years, K&L has proudly offered the widest range of RF and microwave filters for bandpass, lowpass, highpass, notch and tunable requirements, including ceramic, lumped element, cavity and waveguide solutions. We are one of the largest and best-known supplier of these products, with the technical experience and manufacturing capability to match.

We have numerous filter choices at frequencies from 1MHz to 94GHz, with various bandwidth, insertion loss and power handling capabilities, as well as a set of new, industry-leading Low PIM filters. Our Filter Wizard® selection software helps engineers navigate the extensive range of options by offering immediate feedback on real solutions meeting desired specifications. Engineer-to-engineer contact is normal, resulting in identification and development of the best product for each application.

In addition to filters, we design and make duplexers, diplexers, multiplexers, switched filter banks and multi-function assembles, often developed for specific customer needs.

MPG West Chester · Pole/Zero® Brand Products

Pole/Zero is the premier provider of solutions for communication problems arising from RF interference. Catalog products include embedded agile tunable filters, as well as complex Integrated Cosite Equipment (ICE) designed to operate in conjunction with transceivers in more challenging cosite situations. The user gains the benefit of deploying systems at full performance, notably communication range and improved receive sensitivity.

Pole/Zero’s low loss tunable hopping filters are ideal for radio applications and are available in both bandpass and notch options from 1.5MHz to 3GHz, with power handling up to 200W peak.

For the worst interference issues, typically occurring in command post applications with many closely located interferers, ICE products provide the best selectivity throughout the tuning range. Our ICE development expertise is also available to customers as an engineering service to help identify cosite solutions and suggest remedies.