Connectivity is in demand



An increasingly networked society, demanding connectivity everywhere, all the time, and the popularity of smart phones and tablet computers is causing a revolution among service providers who are racing to add capacity, bandwidth, and services.

MPG manufactures products that help make modern communications work. Our filters and switches are critical components in base stations, point-to-point radios, Wi-Fi, Tetra, fiber optic, and SATCOM systems.

An MPG hallmark is the ability to work with customers to add new capacity to existing infrastructure, reducing installation costs. Based on an understanding of customer applications and frequency plans, MPG engineers design unique, high-selectivity products to “bolt on” extra bandwidth and provide interference management solutions.

For new system development, advanced low PIM (passive intermodulation) filters and switches provide solutions for RF emission monitoring in an increasingly crowded frequency space. These building-block components can be combined to provide advanced test sets to help get the best out of your RF network.

Innovative technologies are also available for adding high-frequency bandwidth to back-haul applications connecting high data rate radios.

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