From custom design to system integration


Microwave Products Group has been CONNECTING AND PROTECTING the SATCOM (satellite communications) industry for decades with a wide range of fitler & switching solutions available for many different ground base and teleport applications.  MPG has a strong engineering team dedicated to support customers from product selection, custom design to system integration and post product support.


5G Mitigation Solutions for C-band

The global deployment of terrestrial 5G services will increase the use of spectrum very close to the C-Band satellite downlink band, which can reduce signal quality or even disable C-Band ground stations. In North America, the impact is even stronger; a portion of the C-Band itself is being repurposed for 5G. The solution for both scenarios is the addition of a high-performance filter, either as a retrofit into an existing antenna/LNB setup, or part of a new feed arm assembly. MPG offers standard and also custom-designed filters to completely mitigate the effects of 5G. Our range of RF and switching products also enable us to provide seamless upgrades to antenna feeds and redundancy setups, building on our heritage of protecting RADAR systems from 4G interference during the last generation roll-out.